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  • 31/3/2021
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  • Kirtipur
  • Owerri
  • 54b Ikoku Avenue, Owerri Imo State Nigeria

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  • Commercial
  • 2020
  • Force Motors
  • Traveller Luxury 3350
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • 2655
  • Red
  • 2569
  • 865379
  • 4WD
  • 1 year warranty
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We welcome ladies and gentle men in this organization to achieve their aims, goal, & to overcome their physical challenges around you, in all aspect, protection fame & financially, powers money, quick riches,and power to gain contract and promotion from governments and organization, do as i say charm and if you want anybody to do what you tell him or her you need this, power to obtain favor from people and win election, and power to disappear and to appear to different location, and power to transport hard drugs such as cocaine heroin, narcoses marijuana e.t.c.This is the way and to become man or woman of substance in life you know you have to be strong financially, and path of this will be given to you after becoming our member. Making money in the Blanca-Palamo secret occult is guaranteed, the secret occult offers Initiate members growth power, Wealth, free Visa, free job. CALL NOW +2349017644355

Since this is a need for most all humans and humans seek for this and strive to and for the purpose of getting material gains, I will start here and explain the process of this in occult teams on how to better your life in terms of money and becoming rich through the occult.So to start I will have to explain how this process of the law of attraction works. First off all You must know there is no real gods or Goddesses they are only I cons for our conscious mind to grasp the idea of the actual astral inner side force of the non physical forces which are only forces. Join Blanca-Palamo brotherhood secret occult that You have made it to the ranks of the worlds most elite group. You have made it here because you chose to seek. the massive knowledge and power that is provided to those that wish to become enlightened. The path of enlightenment is not difficult, but it will not come to those who do not wish to find it. Never before have we sought out, in any outlet be it traditional print or digital media, a new membership, available to the public. But we now realize that the public is who seeks knowledge, and wishes to use it in a way that helps the masses become enlightened, and live in a way that enlightened ones do! Now is the new era of theBlanca-Palamo Brotherhood. Blanca-Palamo brotherhood insists on not asking to pay for membership. They explain this as a gratitude for personal achievements. Membership is positioned as a great pride and honor, the Blanca-Palamo chooses their members independently and send out private and exclusive invitations but everyone can try to receive such invitation by filling the form. The Blanca-Palamo connects and unites only the worthiest. That is why you have to be rich, famous and powerful unless you are a member of the Blanca-Palamo family, if you want to know how to join Blanca-Palamo brotherhood in Nigeria or any other country, you are welcome to the Blanca-Palamo secret occult were all goal and desire are granted become rich and famous all in a blink of an eye become the most famous person in your country and be on top of the world or be the talk of the would earn up to 30,000,000 in 3 days after your initiation become a member of the Blanca-Palamo brotherhood today an be fulfilled.

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